The new ESCL-Book "Studies in European Construction Law" is available!

The new book "Studies in European Construction Law" has been published now. You can order it via the website of the Dutch Institute for Construction Law (see link below).

Information about the book:

Editors                        Monika Chao-Duivis, Giovanni Iudica, Benoît Kohl, Anthony Lavers,
                                   Hugues Périnet-Marquet, Hubert Stöckli, Panagiotis Verveniotis
Year of publication          2015
ISBN                                   978-94-6315-007-1
Length                                766 pages
Price                                   € 95 per unit, vat included, shipping excluded (Bookstores are entitled to a                                                                    discount of 20%.)

This book, prepared under the auspices of the European Society of ­Construction Law, contains accounts of the law of twelve major European jurisdictions in ­relation to a range of construction matters. Some are general, such as standard form contracts and sub-contracting, and the respective obligations of employer and contractor. Others are specific aspects of contractual performance: the duty to warn, payment, subsoil conditions, delay and disruption and liquidated damages. Issues of liability and dispute resolution are also considered. 

The work offers students and practitioners the opportunity to make ­comparisons between different approaches to common construction law issues.

You can buy this book on the following website:

Or you can buy it online via the Society of Construction Law of the UK, through this link: