The “Istituto italiano per il diritto delle costruzioni e degli appalti” (Italian Society for Construction Law – ISCL in short) is a non-profit organization based in Milan. Founded in 1981 by Avv. Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, ISCL is the national member of the European Society of Construction Law (ESCL), an international institute involving twenty associations of many European countries, which purpose is to promote the study and knowledge of the domestic and transnational legal framework of building and construction contracts.

ISCL’s main purpose is to promote, in Italy and Europe, the study of public and private construction contracts and of building law at large. This aim is pursued through scientific publications and the organization of events and cultural activities, such as meetings and workshops. Currently, a section of ISCL’s website ( is dedicated to studies on construction law and is open to contributions from scholars and practicioners.

Presenting itself as a reference point and link between wits and experiences relating to the multi-disciplinary world of building and construction law and contracts, the Institute also aims to offer consulting services and interdisciplinary training in this field, both nationally and internationally, organizing seminars, information lectures and training courses. By means of its members, ISCL further aims to provide professional advice and consulting, also with respect to new cross-cutting and high-complexity areas (project financing, power plants, innovative construction techniques, “green economy” law, etc.). It is also planned, for the future, the establishment of an Observatory on the sector’s emerging issues, new legislation, bills, etc.

Chaired by Giovanni Iudica, Professor Emeritus of Civil Law at Bocconi University in Milan, former Dean of Bocconi Law School and Professor of Civil Law at LUISS University of Rome, the Institute recently found new life and energies, thanks to the support of the “Andrea Alciato” Foundation (Milan) and the renewed enthusiasm of old and new members. Therefore, ISCL will intensify its activities, widening its scope and looking at new areas of interest.

ISCL is currently mainly composed of scholars and practitioners of civil and public law, but will be open to contributions from representatives of various disciplines, welcoming in his team corporate lawyers, economists, companies and entrepreneurs, law firms, engineers, architects and, more generally, practitioners, scholars and experts in the world of construction, contracts and supplies. The Institute is also open to cooperation with national and foreign public and private organizations, in order to plan events and joint initiatives. 

The next meetings will have the following themes and potential speakers:
a) Construction law and green architecture: with reference to the vertical ‘Italian gardens’ and to the ‘Vertical forest’ in Milan. Architect Boeri and company Fratelli Ingegnoli.
b) Construction law and water architecture: with particular attention to the opportunities offered by the possible reopening of part of the Navigli canals in Milan. Architect and Professor Ubertazzi.
c) Construction law and sports architecture. Paying attention to the problem of the two stadiums in Milan and, in general, to sports constructions (swimming pools, tennis courts…).
d) Construction law and sound architecture. With reference to the particular requirements for the construction or refurbishment of conservatories, theatres etc.  Architect Giussani. 
e) Construction law and air architecture. With reference to the construction or to the modernisation of airports.
f) Construction law and new construction materials. 
g) Construction law and street furniture. Architect and Professor Ubertazzi. 
h) Construction law and the world of fairs. Architect Mario Bellini. 
i) Construction law and the architecture of light. Architect Groppi. 
j) Construction law and architecture of the spirit. With reference to the restoration of churches, mosques or other places of worship.
k) Construction law and the restoration of the ‘Mysterious baths fountain’. 
l) Common property and accession in building on common ground, in view of the recent sentence of the Joint Sessions (Supreme Court’s Joint Sessions, 16 February 2018, n. 3873).
m)    Property protection and drone usage.



Prof. Avv. Giovanni Iudica


Dr. iur. R. Panetta LL.M.

ISCL Italian Society for Construction Law
c/o Studio Legale Iudica
Via Chiossetto, 8
20122, Milano