The Swedish Society for Construction and Consulting Law was founded 1983 by a group of lawyers and engineers from various different organizational backgrounds. 

These groups are still represented in the society which now has approximately 400 members.

The main purpose of the Swedish Society of Construction Law is to promote and encourage the knowledge and development of construction and consultancy law in Sweden.

Furthermore the purpose of the Swedish Society for Construction and Consulting Law is to facilitate the getting together of lawyers, legal scholars and engineers with a special connection to or interest in construction and consultancy law.

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In addition to these purposes the Swedish Society for Construction and Consulting Law has since the founding in 1983 promoted legal research and writing in the field and for that purpose awards scholarships for research and writing.

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Biannual meetings are arranged for the members to attend, typically with the purpose of discussing relevant issues in case law and legislation but also interesting technical, legal and contractual challenges in specific building- and construction projects. Often these meetings serve to strengthen the ties to other societies with ties to construction law. 


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Mr Magnus Vidänge

Svenska Föreningen för Entreprenad- och Konsulträtt (SVEFEK) (Swedish Society for Construction and Consulting Law)
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